A League of Legends promotional animated film. Those who watched “Legend of Korra” will immediately recognize Studio Mir’s animation.


Filopat und Patafil was a stop-motion animation series started in the 1970s. I just love it.

Seesaw - Ecole des Gobelins

The Fancy Family - Ecole des Gobelins

The Retake - Ecole des Gobelins

Sawa - Ecole des Gobelins

Copernicus - Ecole des Gobelins

Duku Spacemarines


by Nicolas Liautaud, Alice Suret-Canale, Nicolas Dubois, Hugo Paquin

Kyoto Computer Gakuin advertisement in collaboration with the Gainax Studio.

"I wonder what this red button do." =)

Inside a cartoonist’s world - Liza Donnelly

Ted Education